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Administrative Management Team:

Danyel Johnson

Danyel Johnson (ABOC) – Chief Operations Officer

Danyel has been the Operations Manager and on the executive management team for the majority of her years at Northwest Eye Care Professionals. Since 2004, she has used her many years of experience as a certified optician within the Clackamas location. Customer service and positive patient experiences are her priority for NWECP. She leads with a caring and direct heart with both patients and the staff. Her responsibilities include all operations of each department and all staff of the Clackamas, Vancouver, Beaverton, and Hillsboro locations. She is the liaison to the executive partners: Dr. Bruce, Dr. John and Dr. Max.

Outside the office, her world revolves around her family, most importantly her 4 children and her husband. Her favorite activities include: snowboarding, spending time with friends, reading, drawing, singing, dancing, and traveling.

Danyel Johnson

Ghislene Teyssier – Executive Assistant to the Chief Operations Officer

Je parle Francais

Ghislene, pronounced “Jesslin” comes from a educational background in Psychology and Human Resource with a focus on Human and eye health. She loves exploring new places with her 2 children and small Dog, gardening, playing with her chickens, art and music. Her and her family are new-ish to the Pacific Northwest and so grateful for all the beautiful places it has to offer and the incredible people they get to meet here. She really enjoys cooking and baking native food (French and Moroccan) as well as trying out all other Global cuisine.


Lindsay Street-Largaespada – VT Administrative/Clinical Director

Lindsay joined the NWECP team in the Spring of 2018. She came to us with a background in both front office care and medical assisting, with specialty experience in the dental and cardiology fields. Her extensive knowledge within the medical field gives her a well-rounded approach to exceptional patient care, which she is dedicated to, daily. She embraces her roles here at NWECP, as she gets to do what she loves; helps people every day, and leads the therapy team to success.

Outside of the office, you will find Lindsay spending time with her family and friends. She loves camping, fishing, theater, adventuring around the Northwest, visiting Disney, and doing anything with her husband, kids, and little Yorkie’s, Princess Nica Penelope and Sir Theodore Ducky. She is an avid Oregon Ducks and Green Bay fan and has not missed a single Hanson concert since 1998.

Lindsay lives by:
“Everyday is a good day to have a great day!”“You can conquer anything with a smile!”



Sarah MacDonald (LDO) – Vancouver Office Manager

Sarah joined the Northwest Eye Care Professionals team in 2013. Having started her career in the 90’s, she holds over 25 years of experience in all areas of the optical field. Sarah’s knowledge and experience in optics is paired with her calm presence and passion for people. She has a listening ear and is ready to assist with even the most complex visual needs.

Sarah is most happy when she knows that our patients are happy and moves effortlessly between departments to maintain optimal care for our patients. She works closely with her team to provide the very best customer service.

When not in the office, Sarah enjoys making memories with her husband and 3 children and their 2 dogs. She loves being active outdoors and enjoys this time with her family.

Vision Therapy Team:


Cheryl Jade (COVT) – VT Educational/Program Director

Cheryl joined the NWECP team in 2000 and currently works at our Beaverton location. Her educational background includes early childhood education and human development. Prior to joining Northwest Eye Care Professionals, she was a Montessori school founder-director, sensory integration and therapeutic listening service provider, art instructor and freelance artist.

Cheryl has successfully achieved certification as a vision therapist from the College of Optometrists in Vision Development. She values the historical vision training methods as well as staying current with new technology and research as she provides therapy for patients.

In her spare time she enjoys needle felt painting, photography and spending time with her family, especially her grandkids.

Beth Melmer

Beth Melmer, COVT – Certified Optometric Vision Therapist

Beth became a part of the Northwest Eye Care Professionals team in 2012. For the past 5 years she has been working with children and adults of all abilities in an athletic setting. Her educational background includes special education and psychology. She loves to see the changes vision therapy makes in the lives of patients.

In her spare time, Beth enjoys swimming, spending time outdoors and making beaded jewelry.


Carol Kitching – VT Tele-health Director

Carol was a significant part of the Northwest Eye Care Professionals family since 1984. After 35 years with NWECP as the VT Director, Carol hung up her directors hat and is excited to bring tele-health to our patients. Carol has a Psychology degree from Portland State University. She is a member of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development and the Neuro-Optometric Association. By doing vision therapy she finds purpose and meaning to her own life and those of her patients. Carol continues to learn and apply new brain research as she provides therapy for patients. Carol has retired to become a therapist doing Remote Video Therapy.

In her personal time she enjoys trips to the beach, reading, the outdoors, and time spent with family, friends, and dog.


Joelle Saveliev – Optometric Vision Therapist

Joelle joined the NWECP team at the start of 2019 and splits her time between the Beaverton and Hillsboro offices. Her path to working in vision has been a non-traditional one – evolving from an artist and animator to educator and coordinator. Originally from Buffalo, NY, she is always happy to share anecdotes from a life filled with colorful characters – while coming up with creative tasks to keep patients motivated on their journey to improved visual skills.

Both inside and outside the office, Joelle enjoys making people laugh through stories, costumes, and a puppet or two. She frequents pop culture conventions with her partner as a cosplayer and vendor, and contributes her artistic skills to various project throughout the year.


Chelsey Arnold

Maria Colwell,COVT – Certified Optometric Vision Therapist

Maria joined the team in the summer of 2020. Originally from the east coast, she found her passion as a vision therapist while working for her aunt, an Optometrist in Massachusetts. She then decided to adventure out to Colorado and continue her passion working as a vision therapist in Boulder, where she went on to receive her COVT certification in 2018. When it felt like time to move again, she landed in the welcoming arms of the Northwest Eye Care family where she continues to find joy in helping others.

Outside the office, Maria enjoys exploring the Pacific Northwest. Whether it be hiking a new trail up in the mountains or going to the coast, she is always craving adventure. In her downtime she loves reading and spending time with her partner Daniel and their two cats.


Chelsey Arnold

Sarah McAfee – Vision Therapist

Sarah was a sparkling addition to NWECP in 2019, and has worn many hats in the therapy room ever since. No matter what role she is in, Sarah finds great joy in helping and caring for others. Sarah currently works in the Beaverton location, and is our sole therapist on the Westside delivering both light and vision therapy assessments and follow ups. Her smile, positivity, and dedication to delivering the best care to her patients show in all she does. She is not only a sparkle with our patients but she brings creativity and humor to the staff in any office she is in! 

Sarah spent 20 years in the education field, working with closely with students and families. She also worked with senior citizens in retirement communities. She enjoyed being a muralist for several years. In her spare time she enjoys true crime podcasts, camping, watercolor painting, hiking, cooking, and spending time with her little dog, family, and friends.


C. Kingsbury, M.A., O.V.T.

C. joined the Northwest Eye Care Professionals team in 2013 and works our Clackamas locations. Prior to joining Northwest Eye Care Professionals, she interned with Diana Ludlam, a renowned vision therapist and lecturer, who also treated C. as a child alongside her late husband. Dr. William Ludlam was internationally known for his work in vision therapy. These experiences gave C. the passion for and understanding of vision therapy she has today. She finds her childhood experience gives her a deeper empathy for patients and, combined with her background in psychology, insight into the struggles of both young patients and those with a brain injury.

Outside the office, C. loves backpacking, hiking, experimenting in the kitchen, traveling when she has a chance and spending time with her husband and family.

Chelsey Arnold

Christina Lee-Jackson- Optometric Vision Therapist

Christina has been a part of the medical and optometry world for over 15 years and has been a vision therapist for 6 years. Starting her career at Northwest Eye Care Professionals in 2016, she learned the foundations of therapy and how life changing it can be. In 2019, Christina moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota where she continued to work as a vision therapist, growing her optometric knowledge base and gaining a well-rounded perspective on therapy. She enjoys working with all patients, but has an extra passion for brain injury cases. Christina once again joined Northwest Eye Care Professionals in 2022, seeing patients remotely with Telehealth.

Outside of work, Christina enjoys spending time with her wife and son, who they welcomed in 2021. She also enjoys hiking, kayaking and growing her vegetable garden.

Chelsey Arnold

Linden Hosack- Vision Therapist

Linden joined the NWECP team in spring 2022. She graduated from Evergreen High School in 2020 and found her passion for eyecare after being in the vision therapy program herself. In her free time, Linden enjoys reading as many books as possible, and writing. She is a musical theatre enthusiast and often spends time watching musicals with her two cats Atlas and Tooey.


Chelsey Arnold

Wanda Craig – Vision Therapist

Wanda comes to us with background working in optical and as a front desk lead. She learned about vision therapy in 2020 at a conference she went to and has been interested since. She also ended up having to do therapy herself and that only ignited her drive to learn more about it. Wanda thrives to work hard with people one on one and having a positive impact on her patients lives. In her free time, she likes to spend it outdoors exploring, camping, baking, cooking and painting. She loves spending time with her family and pets, and her boyfriend and his family.


Chelsey Arnold

Shailene Garlinghouse – Vision Therapist

Shailene Garlinghouse is Vision Therapist here at Northwest Eye Care Professionals. Shailene has nine years of experience in childcare. This experience has taught her patience, compassion, and a passion for helping others. On the weekends she enjoys reading, coloring, live music, camping, and being outside.


Optical Team:


Lenora Thomas – Dispensing Optician

Lenora joined NWECP in July of 2018. She brought with her 3 years optical experience and a passionate heart. She has embraced the culture in our office and has a love for her patients and coworkers, alike. The complexity of what we do here on a daily basis feeds Lenora’s eagerness to learn. She brings joy into the lives of everyone she meets, with her love for life and positive attitude.

In her free time, Lenora enjoys hiking, going to the beach, watching a good movie and being with her friends. She also has a kitty named Emma, whom she adores.

Beth Melmer

Matt Jaquay, Hillsboro –  Optician

Matt Jaquay comes to NWECP with multiple years of Optometry experience. He is dedicated to learning and providing his patients with the best experience possible. He will be supporting our West Side patients in the HIllsboro location.

Outside of his work day, Matt enjoys spending time outdoors, cars and spending time with his partner.



Technical Team:


Stephen Eastburn (COA) – Diagnostics Coordinator/CL’s Tech

Stephen became a member of the Northwest Eye Care Professionals family in 2016. He has an educational background in neuroscience and public health and has spent significant time in ophthalmological settings. He is the current Contact Lens Technician and is a Certified Ophthalmic Assistant. Stephen loves getting to know patients and assisting them in achieving their best vision.

In his spare time Stephen likes to run, read, and spend time with his wife and his dog.

Administrative Team:


Natalie Moore – Administrative Assistant/Referral and Specialty Ins Coordinator

Natalie was previously the insurance coordinator for Northwest Eye Care Professionals. She started her career with NWECP in 2014. She has a great understanding of insurance benefits for medical, routine vision and cases related to a workmans comp injury or motor vehicle accident. She is no stranger to hard work and loves to keep busy. When she is not dabbling into insurance, she is the administrative assistant to the Chief Operations Officer.

When Natalie is not in the office, she enjoys spending time with family and rooting for orange and black!


Ann Coleman – Call Center Lead/Doctible Coordinator

Ann joined our team in 2016. Before joining our team, she had over 25 years of customer service in the healthcare industry, ranging from being a CNA in a nursing home, to being a unit specialist in a busy ER in the Portland area.

Outside of work, Ann enjoys spending time with her 2 grown sons, and husband of 27 years. She enjoys hiking, and camping, along with watching baseball, football, and hockey.


Sarah Christensen – Financial Assistant

Sarah joined Northwest Eye Care Professionals in the fall of 2017 as a financial assistant. She has been working in the field of medical insurance coding and billing since 2007. Sarah has worked with various specialties, but has enjoyed working in the Optometric and Ophthalmology field since 2015, the most.

Sarah is a true Oregonian, born and raised in Portland. Outside of the office, she spends her time with her husband and two young boys.

Nancy Garcia

Angeline Welch – A/R Coordinator

Angie started at NWECP in 2018, and she hit the ground running with her extensive knowledge of insurance and love for patients. Angie has a degree in business, and has spent countless hours working on bookkeeping courses and ICD-10 understanding, bringing tools that have helped our staff and patients give the best care possible. She came to us with many years of experience in bookkeeping and accounting both in medical and private billing offices. She is magic behind the scenes with her knowledge in how to help patients! When she is not in the office being an accounting ninja, her entire heart is her 2 grown children, and 3 amazing grandchildren that she is fortunate enough to live with, and spends every second she can with them. 


Launa Kind – Hillsboro Smile Specialist

In the summer of 2019, Launa found her forever home with NWECP. You will find her awaiting your arrival at the Hillsboro front desk as a smile specialist. She is dedicated to each patient having the best experience whether in therapy, the exam room or in our optical department. She has been working in the developmental and rehabilitative Optometric field for almost 20 years. She has seen the amazing benefits of vision therapy and is happy to grow the awareness in the Hillsboro area of this specialized field. As she has been in this industry for many years, her passion is helping patients of all populations. She has a good sense of humor, an amazing smile and is always willing to make you a priority.

In her personal time, she enjoys the beach, hiking, animals and playing a variety of games.


Michelle L

Jessica Randolph – Patient Care Coordinator-Beaverton

Jessica joined NWECP as our Beaverton Care Coordinator in the spring of 2021. Jessica is a self-proclaimed “eye nerd”, and has a huge passion for the field she delivers care in every day. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, she has spent the last 16 years in the field of medical billing. She loves the challenge of helping patients with the hardest part of their insurance. Her transition to the position of care coordinator has made Jessica very happy, as she is helping patients in all areas of their care.

Outside of the office, you will see Jessica hanging out with her 3 teenagers and her boyfriend Aaron. This Pacific Northwest adventurer loves going to the beach and taking walks to explore new areas around Oregon. At home, she likes to cuddle up with her two kitties, Baby Girl and Huckleberry, while enjoying a great book!

susan Lapera

Susan L. – Call Center Representative

Susan’s first opportunity to work for Northwest Eye Care Professionals was in 1990. She has worked in multiple areas of our clinic from the front desk, optician, doctor’s assistant, diagnostic technician, office manager, assistant manager, compliance coordinator & training new employees.  She loves being part of a team.

Susan enjoys helping patients whether it’s in person or on the phone.  She is dedicated to making all patients feel welcomed.  She has a positive attitude, a caring nature, very resourceful, quick witted, and loves to make people laugh.  

She enjoys being outdoors walking/hiking, cooking, playing the piano, riding motorcycles, golfing, boating, quilting & gardening. 



Jody Santos – Retired

Jody was an integral piece of the front desk for over 10 years until she retired. As a previous insurance contract administrator, she had a prior knowledge of insurance companies. Jody always did her best to interpret your insurance information. She has a smile and personality that patients have grown to expect over the years.

In her personal time, she enjoys watching sports, especially the activities of her grandchildren.


Sharrie Kitching – Retired

Sharrie was a part of the Northwest Eye Care Professionals Family as an administrative assistant for sixteen years before she retired. She enjoys the many facets of her position and takes every day to learn something new.